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RacketMag.com hiring!

Do you want to gloat over other people because your opinion is on a website, thus better than theirs? Do you know the difference between you're and your? Do you want to listen to new shit that isn't even out yet? Well, if you answered yes to any of these, we may want you to come work for us. Wait, that last sentance was misleading. Work implies two things: a) doing stuff and b) getting paid. Neither is probably going to happen any time soon. The extent of doing stuff is writing a couple paragraphs on a CD, or max, writing out a 15 minute interview with an artist, one you may or may not like! I like to send the CDs out as MP3s through AIM, so if you have an AIM screenname, that's a huge bonus. If you are still interested after all my babbling, email me the following:

Samples of Work:

And answer the following:
Can you get shit done on time? Seriously.
Do you have transportation to shows?
Are you willing to interview bands, either in person or on the phone?
Are you willing to promote the shit out of RacketMag.com?
Do you have any other useful skills (HTML, design)?

Favorite bands at the moment:
Ideas to make RacketMag.com better:
Why we should hire you, and not that hot chick over there:

Send us an email at Music@RacketMag.com, Leave us a comment at LiveJournal.com/RacketMagazine or even at MySpace.com/RacketMagazine. Come on talent, come to us!
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